The Krackatorium


The Krackatorium

Part 1: The family jewels

  • June 3 – July 3 Krack Studio, Yogyakarta
  • June 13 Yogya Noise Bombing perform at the Krackatorium
  • June 23 Gemati performance at the Krackatorium


The Krackatorium is a new project from Krack Studio in which we take screenprinting to the deep, dark frontiers of science fiction. A dazzling combination of old and new technologies, the Krackatorium becomes a portal to another dimension; a lo-rez world where, apparently, the Ataris have taken over and Space Invaders are still real. Expect the unexpected. Enter if you dare.

As a screenprinting studio, Krack is always interested in exploring the possibilities of our chosen medium. In the Krackatorium we have explored how we can work with computers, microprocessors and lights to challenge the idea that simply a medium for making posters. For this first stage of the Krackatorium we built 180 lightboxes that can be controlled to turn on and off like animated pixels. For each lightbox we printed a series of simple designs on clear acrylic – the Krack family jewels.

This exhibition is the first part of an ongoing project that will allow us to create interactive light-based artworks in public spaces.The Krackatorium can be reconfigured to be installed in any space. It is a modular project – the boxes can be installed in any configuration, and more lightboxes can be added or removed to suit the space. The boxes are designed to pack flat for easy transportation, and we will print new images and explore new modes of interactivity for each installation.




You can watch a video of the full installation here (Thanks Udin!)


A Krack Studio Production:

  • Rudi Hermawan
  • Sukma Smita
  • Prihatmoko Moki
  • Malcolm Smith

Technology Architect:

  • Ben Sudbury

Production Team:

  • Panjul
  • Vendy Methodos
  • Kotrek
  • Enkah
  • Ribut Sugianto
  • Nathan Wheeler

Many thanks to:

  • Sandi Kalifandani
  • Ardi Kuhn
  • Gisa Swaragita
  • Lintang Raditya
  • Prostudio


krackatorium 1

krackatorium 2a

IMG_4704 IMG_4714 IMG_4721 IMG_4751 IMG_4762 IMG_4844

krackatorium 7

krackatorium 5

krackatorium 4



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