The Misfits – Krack’s 5th Birthday!!

The Misfits

22 March 2018

Krack Studio


Please join us to celebrate Krack’s 5th Birthday! Against the odds, contrary to advice, and beyond reason, we have been open for five years. We still aren’t quite sure what it is we do, or even why we do it, but it seems to work and it’s mostly quite enjoyable, so we keep on doing it.

For our birthday show we decided to exhibit everything we did wrong in the last 5 years; the prints where the colors came out wrong, where the registration slipped, where words were misspelled or reversed, faces were blurred, details were lost and good intentions were unrealized. The best things in life are often the mistakes we make.


Artists (mis)represented:

Nindityo Adipurnomo, Restu Ratnaningtyas, Sulung Widya Prasastya, Hendra Hehe Harsono, Mella Jaarsma, Malcolm Smith, Gregor Koerting, Kepet, Lily Tattoo, Prihatmoko Moki, Rudi Hermawan, Eki Abdan, Shaun Duggan, Tisna Sanjaya, Agus Suwage, Ipeh Nur/ Enkah Nkomr (the beresyit), David Booth + Alexandra Kordeva, Terra Bajraghosa, Anneke Fitrianti, Restu Ratnaningtyas, Fitri DK, Deni Rahman, Karen from Maldives, Iyok Prayogo, Agung Kurniawan, Syagini Ratna Wulan

Video work: Sukma Smita, Kiki Retak

Photographer: Sebastian Adven

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