Sahabat Biennale

We have recently finished printing 3 commissioned works for the Jogja Biennale Foundation. They are works by Senior Indonesian artists Agus Suwage and Tisna Sanjaya and upcoming Bandung artist Syagini Wulan Ratna. We love them!

Each work was made in collaboration with the artists. In most cases we printed over 20 test prints and met numerous times with the artists before we were ready to print the editions. The works are in editions of 14 or 15 and are silkscreen printed on 300gsm Canson Montval paper. If you want one, you’ll have to become a sponsor of the Jogja Biennale

Printing editions for artists is we love doing, but we have to be really selective about the projects we take on because, from experience, most artists dont realise how much work is involved.

In the past we’ve had friends call us wanting to print their Thesis for them! We aren’t a print-on-demand shop, and neither are we Master Printers. We’re artists who like to collaborate with other artists, via print.

A fourth print by FX Harsono is yet to be finished.

2013-09-21 14.02.12 cagi2

Early test prints of Syagini (Cagi) Wulan Ratna’s work ‘Boo!’

Tisna 1 tisna 3



Tisna Sanjaya’s work in progress


Agus Suwage’s image. For the final image he filled in the bathtub using tobacco juice.


Test print of FX Harsono’s work.

Thankyou Yustina Neni and Yayasan Biennale for giving us the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of artists!

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