Exquisite Corpstallation – Acehouse / Footscray Community Arts

The craziness that surrounded ArtJOG14 is finally subsiding, so I have a chance to update our blog with what we’ve been up to since Tanah Impian opened. For the past three weeks zillions of artists, curators, collectors from all over Indonesia and the rest of the world converged on Jogja. Its been quite intense, showing people around the gallery and chatting to them upstairs in the studio. They’ve all been really nice, and really interesting people, so its been fun chatting to them all, but I haven’t really been able to get any work done while I’ve been playing host.

In the midst of all this brouhaha, Footscray Community Arts Centre arrived with a bunch of artists to do some projects in Yogya.  Krack hosted Heather Horrocks for a few days, a Melbourne artist who works with paper and textiles, and who gave a workshop on how to crochet cassette tape while she was here.

We also participated in a project called Exquisite Corpstallation at Acehouse, where 5 artist collectives had 24 hrs each to create an installation responding to a theme. It was kinda exciting, if exhausting, and fun to see what everyone created at the end.

The theme chosen for us was ‘President’. Chosen by the artists who installed the day before us. We made an installation called ‘Percayalah Padaku’ – ‘Trust Me’. We printed posters using invisible ink that could only bee seen by pressing a button at the voting booth. It was kinda ramshackle, but lots of fun.

exquisite krack


The Meleponi Pasifika show at ICAN, which Footscray brought over, was also really great.

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