Krack on Safari

Its been a while since I updated. Not because we haven’t had anything to say – on the contrary, its because we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time.

November was a huge month for us, we had 4 exhibitions in 3 weeks, starting with Sip Club in Yogya on 26 October; then Tanah Impian at Footscray Community Arts in Melbourne, Australia on 7 November; then Tanah Impian at Flux Kit in Turin, Italy on 8 November; then Mal’s solo show ‘Modern Times’ at Newsagency Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

In total we packed 106 works to send overseas, of which 82 were framed. You can imagine how logistically complicated that was. Many thanks to Rudi and Mas Ribut for doing a brilliant job of packing – those crates were worth exhibiting in themselves.

IMG_3362 IMG_3396 IMG_3400 IMG_3487 IMG_3573

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