Tanah / Impian in Australia

Tanah / Impian in Australia

Footscray Community Arts Centre

Melbourne, Australia

6 November – 1 December 2014

Rudi, Moki and I headed down to Melbourne for the opening of Tanah Impian at FCAC. Moki had just completed his residency at Megalo in Canberra, Rudi did a short 3 week residency with Footscray, and I was in Sydney for my solo show, so the stars aligned nicely, and we were all able to attend the opening and surrounding events.

The comments from the Australian audience were positive and also quite interesting. Most people said they were unaware Indonesian politics was so complex.

Indonesia is often viewed by Australians in a very reductionist way as ‘Not Quite Modern Yet’. I think what Tanah / Impian tries to address is the complexity not only of Indonesia’s population, geography, languages, and cultures, but also the huge obstacles it has faced in terms of the oppressive interference of foreign (and domestic) forces.

Hopefully this exhibition goes a little way to challenge the oversimplified terms in which Indonesia is often framed.

Nice review of the show here

Installing the work:

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Opening and events:


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No matter where you go, yogya will always find you:

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