Krack in Dieng

Krack in Dieng

December 7 – 9, Dieng Plateau

We went away for the weekend. Not only did we deserve a bit of a holiday after our action packed November, but we also needed to get together to figure out our plans for 2015.

We rented a small house in Wonosobo and headed up early friday morning. The three days were split between sightseeing trips around the spooky and misty Dieng Plateau, and then discussions in our loungeroom about Krack ‘masa depan’.

This involved reviewing how far we’ve come in the past couple of years, what we loved and what we could do differently, and what we each wanted for the future. Once we’d worked out a broad vision, we then focussed on our calendar for next year. We have some doozies planned: Some ‘signature’ Krack projects, some interesting collaborations with other artists and collectives, and some solo shows by some of our favorite print artists. Stay tuned…

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