Sip Club residency

The Marmos

Marmos is a Javanese acronym for ‘marai emosi’. Literally it translates as ‘make emotional’ but its so culturally specific that it needs explanation. In Java, expressing emotion is considered impolite, or unrefined. So for example, when someone does something that really pisses you off, in Java all you can do is gulp and smile. That person just Marmos-ed you. Marmos is usually associated with things that are annoying, but in this exhibition Sip Club define it more loosely as the awkwardness of inexpressible feelings. So while Slow Internet or losing your phone are sure to marmos you, so too will kids begging on the street, bully percintaan (love bullies), or people who are weirdly religious.

Sip Club

Sip Club are a collective of young artists from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They are all currently studying at ISI Yogyakarta. In September/October 2014 they undertook a residency at Krack Studio in Yogya, culminating in the exhibition ‘The Marmos’ All of the works in this series were printed at Krack as part of that residency.


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